We think like designers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and psychologists to solve business problems. We believe if it’s worth doing, do it daily. Whatever it is, let’s talk about doing it together.

We’re a global consultancy focused on innovation and entrepreneurship headquartered in Los Angeles and operating internationally. We solve business problems using tools including Bento Box™ business modeling, design thinking, deep practice branding, entrepreneurial business development, behavioral psychology, and even biomimicry. We’ve done it for nearly 15 years as a team and as many as 30 individually.

We’ve helped clients and other business partners build and grow businesses in most industries and verticals. That includes eight or nine of the Fortune 100 and another 100+ early- or growth-stage companies driven to be acquired by (or perhaps even become) one of the Fortune 5.

We also now infuse Biomimicry Thinking into our strategy development methodologies, guiding our clients and ourselves in discovering and implementing solutions inspired by neighboring organisms and natural systems.

We live this and, seriously, we love it. In fact, if we didn’t have a single client we would still do what we do but for our own products, services, media and companies. Fortunately that’s not at all the case, mainly as one thing that often has us jumping out of bed at dawn is the promise of a high-energy collaboration that truly makes a difference.

Point is we’ve seen a lot, done a lot and, uncommonly, we’ve also had our own skin in the game and assets on the line developing businesses through the years. That real world, in-your-shoes perspective is highly appealing to our clients and partners.

Seriously, the game worth playing is not about purely academic theory and creativity for its own sake. It’s about actions and results. It’s about positive change. It’s about incremental successes you can sustain over the long term. So here’s what we do…