At first blush it might appear entirely too elementary to start a conversation re: sustainability by breaking down the word into its components “sustain” and “ability.” But given how many different perspectives, definitions, applications, “gurus”, etc. that are out there flying the Sustainability flag, we think it’s important to start at the top …

What’s your ability to sustain your current business / organization, or whatever it is you’re doing right now, tomorrow, next week, ten years from now?

In our comprehensive, business model centric view, this is not just as it pertains to environmental, eco-friendly sustainability. That’s where most of the conversations focus, and for good reason. But what about at the core of your organization and at the center of your business model. Sustainability as it relates to your ability to sustain inspiring, benefiting from, and retaining top talent. Your ability to economically not only stay in business but grow the business and sustain that growth.

And think about it personally, too — what’s in it for you? Seriously. Can you (should you) sustain how you go about your business day in and day out? If you’ve clicked even just a few times around this site you’ve no doubt noticed that we soap box the perspective, “If it’s worth doing, do it daily.” And that, as we prescribe, apply, and live it ourselves – admittedly some days are better than others, that’s only natural – is the key to sustaining success. Focused and present in the moment. One foot in front of the other.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean walking slowly … with an optimal mix of clarity, intent, passion, collaboration, strategic muscle memory, and conditioning, one foot in front of the other can mean dancing a tango, scaling a sheer rock face, running at a full sprint, even walking on the moon.

Sure, none of the above gets into deep practice and the field of methodologies including cradle-to-cradle upcycling, rigorous statistical analyses, relevant metrics for ROI, biomimicry thinking, or any of that. But for us and our clients, colleagues and partners, it’s the start of those conversations and a North Star for how we can help with those methodologies including our own Bento Boxing™ (click here for more).

So, what’s your ability to sustain whatever it is you’re doing to create, deliver, and reciprocally receive value? 

Together let’s figure out the what, when, how and, importantly, who of it all. Drop us a line (Success(at) or give us a ring, 323.325.2668.