Brainstorms & Workshops

We love to ask “what if” and explore where a “no wrong answers” discussion leads…

One thing we’re not only expert at but, we’ll admit, we enjoy more than a toes-in-the-sand sunny day at the beach is brainstorming. We’re black belts at drawing great ideas out into the open, taking a fresh look at past approaches and sidelined or backburnered opportunities, and creating concepts, products, services, alliances, and even entire companies seemingly out of thin air.

While there’s a lot of anything-goes freeform in our brainstorming black box, that’s not to suggest that there’s not a rigorous, dynamic, and proven effective process at the core. Brainstorming and other conceptual tools we use include:

– Bento Boxing™, our proprietary process for business modeling and idea formation (more on Bento here)
– Design Thinking, which combines empathy, creativity, and rationality to solve problems fully in context
– Gamestorming, the gamification approach popularized by Capgemini
Biomimicry Thinking, rooted in nature-inspired innovation practices
– Ethnographic Research (firsthand observations of why people do what they do, and how)

Our brainstorming sessions typically clock in at about four hours, though we’ve solved some pretty significant challenges in a matter of minutes … start your engines. We also conduct 1- and 2-day workshops, and in a variety of settings ranging from our offices, to your offices, to off-site facilities including nature retreats (particularly good for bioinspired brainstorming, as you can imagine).

Workshops are always customized to client needs, and include comprehensive reports detailing process, a-ha’s, other outcomes, and recommended next steps.

We also provide third-party facilitation for client-developed workshops that are near or fully ready to go.

One thing we’re pleased to say is that we’ve not once rolled up our sleeves, engaged in a positive and open dialogue, and completed a brainstorming session that didn’t result in at least one highly compelling and actionable solution to whatever challenge was on the table. More often than not, there’s a significant breakthrough.

So, what’s the challenge you’re facing? Let’s “what if” it through to a solution. We can nail it. And you might be surprised at just how energizing problem-solving can be.