Market Strategy

We can help you significantly leverage your assets including capital, intellectual property, technology, marketshare, physical plant, distribution channels, brand value, goodwill and the people who influence your success on a daily basis: your customers, employees and partners.

We provide the strategic underpinnings including brand, product and service positioning, business development, organizational structuring and revenue enhancement.

With our Bento Box™ business modeling process (more info HERE) we guide our clients, partners and often ourselves through 12 critical focal points for success. We use this same methodology for developing revenue models, communications plans, launch strategies and pretty much any opportunity in which People Exchange Value.

Development is a broad and frequently overused term that’s often tethered to a lot of Time and Money. Still, good things take time and money, and those things need to be concepted, thought through, prototyped, stress-tested, revised and improved … sometimes before Game Day, other times when you’re already in the Red Zone.

How much money? How much time? Depends of course. But as entrepreneurs who have had our own skin in the game and blood on the floor, we’re relentlessly focused on being fast enough to not miss the boat while making sure the dollars, Euros, Yuan, etc. invested yield multiples on the ROI.

Knowing what the competition is doing is critical. Even more critical is knowing what you’ve got, who wants it and what you stand for unconditionally. Passion is great. Add purpose and you’ve really got something. So our position on Positioning is baked into our definition of a brand: “A promise you can and should keep.”

Those are a few hardworking words. The promise part may be obvious. In marketing your products and services you communicate value that you either commit to and deliver or fail, quickly or eventually. But the real value is, as it’s been said, knowing thyself; specifically what you and your company “can” do, what’s actually possible, and what you “should,” meaning what people really need you to provide and for what reasons.

So what can you promise? What should you promise? Let’s figure it out, dial it in and make it happen.

Quickly. Thoroughly. Sufficiently accurately. Sufficiently? Yes. We believe way too many businesses get caught up in analysis paralysis and way too many agencies and consulting firms are happy to oblige (and invoice) the hours. To be clear, we’re all for a Master Plan, and in fact we’re quite good at formulating such roadmaps. Year after year there’s talk of a New Economy, but many if not most of the old adages of business still apply. One is that you can’t score if you don’t have a goal.

So let’s set goals and laser focus on how to best achieve them. But let’s also keep in mind that the terra’s rarely firma and curveballs can be slapped out of the park. We can refine the the plan while we’re in motion, when we’ve got real feedback from the people out there who, more than ever, are eager to tell us precisely what they think we should do. Above all, let’s plan for action.