Overview [Services]

Our diverse multi-disciplinary team and network of innovation strategists and practitioners supports the success of clients, partners, and our own Accelerator companies and non-profit organizations.

Mainly we engage in collaborative relationships in which we improve:

– Market Strategy
– Innovation Process
– Organizational Development
– Brainstorming Workshops
– Brand Messaging
– Competitive Positioning
– Sales Opportunities

You can view some of the Clients our principals and core team members have served since our founding in June of 2000 (as well as some key successes from a decade prior) in our Case Portfolio (available on request). It provides highlights of how we’ve:

– Driven top-line growth by making ideas happen
– Guided innovation, from brainstorming to prototyping
– Enhanced, expanded, and fully developed business models
– Aligned value propositions with target audiences / recipients
– Helped create the actual products/services/systems and stories to meet market opportunities
– Assembled highly diverse problem-solving teams (sometimes including biologists and psychologists)
– Developed and implemented comprehensive branding / marketing strategies and communications
– Leveraged resources like entrepreneurs, ever-focused on optimization and ROI
– Identified and synthesized double- and triple-bottom line opportunities
– Ensured that the collaboration experience is enjoyable, inspiring, and rewarding.

We approach most challenges as communications strategists and designers. Not just because this is a core capability, but because through the years we’ve seen, experienced, and realized that communication is absolutely critical to every facet, iteration and milestone of the innovation process.

Marketing, in its most modern definition, is the process of exchanging value. We focus intensely on how,why, where, and to whom that value is communicated.

In the innovation process, that includes communication within teams. With key stakeholders. To and with shareholders and other financial resources. And eventually – especially – end users who can and will ultimately value the benefits of innovative technologies, business models, approaches to solving social problems, and more.

More on our Core Services here.

Bottom line, we love working with good people to achieve great things. How can we help? Call or email us and let’s get started: Success @ BiologicalGroup.com.