We’ve worked with big and small, global and start-up, and pretty much every category that involves a legal transaction. Our expertise is deepest in technology including cleantech, non-profits, consumer goods, sports and entertainment, and financial services (we’ve worked closely with a variety of capital partners over the years), though we’re game for anyone doing good on a daily basis.

The main thing our clients and business partners have in common is that they are forward-thinking companies developing and marketing innovative products and services … some of them are even game-changing innovative organizations across the board.

Importantly, innovation to us is manifest in a diversity of forms … technological, organizational, ecological, societal. If you’re doing something new and different, advancing forms, processes, or systems, doing things more effectively, making things better, we’re with you and would be open to collaboration for mutual benefit. Email us at Success @

Notably, Colin Mangham, Founder and Managing Director, has worked with all of the Clients on the list. In fact, he’s worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies and other Big Brands and in a variety of roles and capacities with 100+ early-stage companies and organizations through the years.